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Nov. 15th, 2004

(no subject)

so the Incredibles was good. funny.
after the movie, my dad drove lauren and I to this diner near my house.. and we ate then walked up to my house for ice cream.
It was weird hanging out on a school night.. weird. hehehh.

the SO meeting was pretty fun today. without joe there, we seemed to get a lot more done. we decided on the t-shirts we want (whatever happened to the "half zip pullover hoodie"? haha), talked about the thanksgiving food drive, Soldiers in Iraq drive.. and NO talent show, haha. no way. nor a fashion show. and I don't know what's up with the pep rally..

yo.. i'm mad at myself.. sort of. ok, yeah i am. but i'll shut up now. ughhhhh..
I just can't get myself to speak up sometimes. I hate it. --;

Nov. 13th, 2004

(no subject)

who thinks i'm due for a new xanga layout?
me me me me me!!!

heh. I went to my grandparents house today. It was cool.. I played football with my brother in the backyard.. then raked the leaves.. ate lunch and napped. But the important thing was that I saw my grandparents. *nods and hugs grandparents* whoo!

And I also went to the gym. I wasn't planning on running on the precore, but I did it anyways. I need my running. xD There wasn't that many people there too, so me and my brother were secretly making fun of the few people that were there, haha. The music was really odd too.. this one song sounded like it was saying "sad porn!" over and over again.. but I doubt it was-- but it was funny. ^^;

I'm gonna watch the Incredibles tomorrow with Lauren and maybe my brother. We were originally planning to watch the Polar Express, but Meesh can't come and we don't wanna see it without her.. and then again, I heard some mixed reviews like, it has creepy animation and stuff. I don't know, haha.

Nov. 12th, 2004

(no subject)

yo, my brother is obsessed with checking himself out in the mirror. "look lise!! my muscles got bigger.." oh my, haha.

today was good. ^^

the psal breakfast was just whack. that wasn't even a breakfast. it was school breakfast. then they gave us a card with a scratch off thing to win an inflatable chair or something. the hell? hahhaa.. stupidness!

then I had lab.. I tricked out my lab teacher, haha. I felt bad, but it's okay. I got another lab for Lauren, and told the teacher she didn't stamp mine yet, so she's all, "oh i'm sorry!" ^^;; oh man. kekeke..

I'm talking to maureen online right now. :] she's actually available, haha..

anyways.. fourth period I missed english (she didn't even collect the hw or give us the quiz.. psh) and I went to the consultative council meeting. I should have reminded you Allie! xD but Joe said there was going to be an announcement.. oi. never happened.
math.. gotta test on monday.
lunch.. i didn't sit in mrs. larocca's office for once. it was a nice break. ^^ I sat with raechel, the malloy twins, ilyssa and eddie. yurrrp. fun.. we were hyper. haha.
history we worked on an essay.
chem was just chem, haha.
and keyboards we actually had free-day. :D

yaaaaaaaaaah.. i'm tired to type now, hehe.

Nov. 10th, 2004

my gym uniform did a disappearing act. wtf..

ahhhhh i love this song to death!
"Life is Like a Boat" -- it's playing in the background of my xanga if it works for you. And it's also the ending theme to the anime Bleach.

Tomorrow is no school. WOOOOO, thank the friggen Lord. No actually, thank the veterans of the US of A. :D WE LOVE YOU!

I stayed at yearbook pretty long today.. actually until Turner had to leave and everyone was kicked out. I got to work on the boys' soccer spread! yayyy. Captions galore.. And girl's varsity volleyball and swimming. Then I just hung around Chelsey helping her with stuff..

Oh mannnnn.. my gym uniform was stolen. I opened my locker yesterday in gym [3rd period] and it wasn't there. Wtf? I'm almost 99.9% sure I LOCKED my locker. Why the hell would I leave it there unlocked or opened? Why the fuck!?
I'm not like that to get things stolen from, nor am I careless to lock my locker or close it correctly. So I check all the lockers around me and it's not there.. I check Lauren's locker, not there. No one even knows my combination, so wtf again.
Then Lien and I go to bitch Neto and she gets pissy with Lien and tells her to sit down because "it's not her bussiness." Then I tell her what happened and she says can't do anything about it.. can't do shit!! not that I thought she could, but I expected her to friggen care a little more. Then she tells me to go tell Mrs. McClean who tells me to write up a report on a sheet of looseleaf.. [in which case I don't know what to write or how that will help.]
I just wanna know how the hell someone got into my locker and took the damn thing.. I don't think I left it unlocked-- although that is the only likey possibility.

Screw it allll!!! I still have another uniform fortunately.. But why did it just have to be the good one that got stolen? And why would someone want dirty gym clothes!!!? Not that mine were dirty, because they weren't. But who would go into a random locker and take some gym clothes that were used and probably doesn't even know the person who it BELONGS to. Stress the BELONGS!!! Stupid mother fuckers.

Nov. 8th, 2004

(no subject)

I had a really bad stomach ache this morning.. felt like throwing up.. --; But it went away by 5th period. It was after the bus ride that got me sick. pshhh..

it was a good day today.. but I don't know. after that convo with edgar last night, I was scared to see him today. ^^;; and lauren made it worse.. xDD *whacks lauren with plushie hammer* heheh jkjk

we're loaded with homework this week. not fair.. but me and lauren decided to split the load (history and chem) and we'll each do half, then copy the rest from each other. So I should really start the homework now. but I don't wanna.. *cries*

I'll just eat dinner first.. my stomach still isn't doing so great though. sigh. It will pass, it will pass..

I saw sachin on the bus today! and he saw monica and lien cutting, and mona [who isn't in trouble because she gets out 8th!] ahahaha.. lien!! I'm disappointed! xD how did everyone find out? lauren told me when rispoli was taking attendance, everyone let it out that you guys were cutting. ara ^^;

oh oh!! yesterday morning I got up around 5am so I could volunteer for the marathon with lien and lauren. we got there at 6am, and stupid joe told us "school road" but we met nowhere NEAR that. but lien knew where to go since she did this the past few years.. it was fun. never saw that many different people in one place before. we collected the bags from the runners and loaded them into the UPS trucks.. pretty fun even if it doesn't sound like it. ^^

and I saw john goepel there! *cracks up* I saw him at the YMCA the night before too.. and I haven't seen him since like, 5th grade. ^^;; ahh, I used to like him, lmao. lauren was like "ew" hahaha. :P

Nov. 7th, 2004

help, i'm pathetic.

would some one like to help the poor lime fix up her LJ? *sweatdrop*

or maybe I can figure this out.. hmm. *ish determined* kyah!!

EDIT// ahh forget it. I'm smarter than I thought. or maybe I'm still pathetic and I figured it out anyways. haha.

finally going to use LJ.. haha

it was school spirit week this past week. WARRIOR PRIDE! hah.

anyways, monday was pajama day.. and I wasn't there because some of us journalism students went on a trip to Columbia University. that was fun.. I stuck around lauren, meesh, eddie, iffat and zakia. And stupid me had to lug around a slice of vegetable pizza half the day because I was too full to eat it.. hehh.. then I threw it in the oven when I got home to eat. Lauren and I got Columbia sweatshirts too. :D

tuesday we had off.. thanks to election day. if I could vote I'd pick Bush. yeah, that's right.. hate me you Bush haters!! xD

wednesday, twin day.. no one really did that although I spotted two girls wearing the same thing. and then me and lauren wore our columbia sweatshirts but I don't think anyone noticed.. they're different colors anyways.

thursday, mismatch day.. I don't even know why we did this one.. no one participated, except like.. ilyssa, haha..

then finally FRIDAY, yarrrr! yesterday was the longest time I ever spent in school. jeeesh.. haha. after school was the homecoming dance and lauren and I helped with the decorations, but we did not plan on staying there until 7:30 when the dance started.
After ninth period, we got Subway to eat, and saw Ashley and Carilla there.. then we went back to school around 3:15 to decorate. Allie was there helping too! We started off with inflating and tying up the balloons. Woo! we got to use the helium machine! harharhar.. some of the girls were sucking in the helium, cheh. it worked for some of them, that is, they had a squeaky voice, haha. I didn't want to try it because, well.. I don't know what it does to your body. *sweatdrop* I was tempted though!

Then it was around 5pm, and Joe Sicilian arrived with the pizza.. and we ate.. and stole some cans of soda, haha.. Then we continued with the balloons. And by 6 o'clockish, we had to start on the gym decorations. Lauren and I put up balloons at the entrances and some of the walls and stuff.. and the other kids put up streamers and strobe lights.. then we had to bring down the boxes of canned soda and bottled water.. and before we knew it, it was 7:30 and they were letting kids in. Then lauren and I got stuck doing the coat check in the boys locker room. argh.. and in the whole mess of it, I forgot to call home to let my mom or brother know where I was.
gahh.. then Allie and Joyce showed up! woo. they helped with the coat check. *mumbles* retarded stickie note number system, hah.

Right.. then after a couple of hours or something, we were getting a little weary, so we decided to take a break to walk around the gym where everyone was dancing. I didn't really want to dance.. but then we saw Renee and she was like, "dance!!" aiii.. so we danced, yesh.. and I felt like a loser, hee. A lot of kids we like, dry humping. ah man.. Renee was like, "some kids are having sex" hahaha.. freaking kids.
This one kid asked me to dance, and I was kind of surprised so I was like, "oh! no thanks" hahaa.. but I didn't feel too bad because, well.. I saw him asking like a million other girls and it showed that he was desperate.

Then we went back to coat check for a while.. and sold drinks, which we made a good profit on, I think. And took another break.. and allie and joyce came this time.. but they didn't really dance! well, joyce didn't.. joycieeee!! xD heheh..
And then Edgar came over and he was like giving me the come hither kinda thing and I was like, ehhh, me? Then he grabbed my hand and I was like, "noo! I can't dance! seriously" hahahha.. it was embarassing.. but I did it anyways.. and felt real retarded. hehehh.. but I didn't mind, he was real nice to me.

Finally, after the whole thing, which was about 11pm, we had to do the coat check again. and it was really screwed up. well, a little.. since we couldn't find some people's coats and stuff.. which wasn't my fault! haha. I swear, I did a good job. but everyone got their stuff back in the end. And it took about 10 mins to clean up. man.. 4 hours to prepare, 10 minutes to clean up. whooo.. it was fun though.
oh, and poor renee didn't win for homecoming sophomore princess.. ah well, we're gonna drag everyone to come to the dance next year. it was a lot better than I expected. a lot. And I don't like dances.. so yeah.

ouch. but my muscles are so sore from yesterday. not my legs really, which is semi weird.. it's my shoulders. ^^;;

I'm going to watch Shrek 2 with my brother now.

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