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Jul. 25th, 2008

I never use LJ...

and I'm not going to start, either.

But, I felt like randomly posting this! I switched the theme and updated my profile too (because it was way too embarrassing not to, after stumbling upon my LJ, which I forgot existed).

Lauren still uses this!! Hi Lauren. :D

Jun. 19th, 2005

(no subject)

Gyeah, I just realized that I updated like months ago saying I'd keep my LJ alive, and it died again. ^^; Haha. This time I'm serious. I think. I hope. No, I dunno! We'll see..

But I think I'm gonna use this for posting pictures.. and only mutual friends can view the page.. Yeah, I'm gonna be cheap like that. :P Or.. maybe I'll change my mind, I have no idea. And I should start posting my xanga entries on here too. And switch the layout.. it's quite boring, no? But it's nice and simple.. oh whatever. I'm like, talking to myself and ranting about nonsense that no one needs to hear. I'm just wasting your time! Yay!! No jk. It's 1:20, what the hell am I doing?! I should sleep now.. tomorrow is Father's Day. Happy Father's Day! harharhar. :D

Lethargic is a funny word. bwahhahaha!

Apr. 7th, 2005

(no subject)

bwahhaha!!! long time no entry. I'm not dead. I just died. I mean, yeah I just contradicted myself. Well, I died temporarily. Whatever... I may or may not update this. I dunno, you know me.. LAZY as hell. That is, if hell is lazy. heh (props to the zerc for that one!) ANYhow.. I shall go now. It feels like friday.. cause we only have a half day tomorrow. PEACE! :]

Dec. 23rd, 2004

(no subject)

My eyeeees! They want to shut so I can go to sleep.. Must. Resist. For now at least. I need my hair to dry, haha. I rarely ever blowdry it.

So I'm gonna kill time by talking to Ashley online, while making a new xanga layout, liselimeNET layout and Christmas gift graphic.. yesh. And of course Ashley is obsessing over Joel, lmao.

So today it wasn't like a real/full day of school. I basically went in to get marked present. Fourth period I went to Delin's class.. but there were so many people. I was about to stay but then I spotted Edgar in the hall and he also sees me through the window of the door so I just like jet outta the class, haha. And Mr. Delin's like "are you staying or going?" And I'm like "staying! hold on" And I'm like talking to Edgar and Mr. Delin is like "LISEEEE!!!" xD sheesh, haha. Then Carilla comes outta nowhere and drags me to english. There were only like 10 people in my english class. :]

For fifth period I saw Ms. Shali-Ogli for about a minute. I was like "can I go to gym instead?" [since Lauren wanted me to go with her]. And before I finished the sentence she says, "goodbye!" Then I was like "woah." Haha.. then she tells me "Have a nice holiday." And she gives me a hug. A HUG. I was like, awwwwww.. hahaa.. and I tell her Merry Christmas too. :D

Anyways, in gym, Lauren and I were the only people who played. Everyone else sat down. Hahaha.. We took a soccer ball and played around with that first, just kicking it around. Then we played volleyball-- and I abused my arms. Now they're all bruised. But it was real fun. I was gonna play basketball too but there was no time, heheh.
Then I went to Joe's office to meet Edgar, but he wasn't there! gasp. So Lauren and I ask Mr. Cogan where he is, and he's like "Hmm well.. Oh, I see him walking down the hall waving his arms in the air." hahaha. :] silly.

Then we went to Burbano's class.. but it was really just a bunch of kids from like, I dunno.. Mrs. Fernandaz's class or whatever. Alex, Cynthia, Lauren, Lien and I were writing random stuff on the board. And I put "LISE <3 LIEN" in a big heart and next to it I wrote "I'm cheating on you Edgar!" And I show Edgar, haha.. then Mr. Burbano was like "ohhh, that's nice" lmfao. But I would never do that. Never never never. Maybe with Lien, no jp. Lise, shut up already, haha.
Edgar is so fun to hugggg :DDD wheeeee.
Oh yeah! I'm gonna exchange present with him tomorrow. Eep, that means he's gonna meet my parents. Chyeah, whatever, heheh.

I went to the mall today. AGAIN! It's like a friggen record. I went 3 times this week.. last Saturday, then Tuesday, and then today. I fell asleep on the bus ride there and back. In all the bus took like 3 freakin hours. I went with Lauren and Lien.. because Lien needed to get a tie for her brother. After the mall we went to Lien's and chilled there-- and watched her dog hump a slipper. LMAO. That was hilarious.

ANYways.. guys! It's Christmas in TWO DAYS! yes. But honestly, I was looking forward to today, the start of break more than anything else. I mean, I don't get anything on Christmas anymore, haha. That's because I don't ask for anything. Only my friends get me stuff.. then my mom gets me like pajamas or something. Whatever. ^^ I love the fact that it's Christmas more than anything.. I look forward to the food too. xD hahaha.. And I'm not fat, Edgar! He's been calling me fat lately as a joke, lmao.

I'll try to update tomorrow night.. if not,

MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy New Year! :D

Dec. 11th, 2004

rainy friday.. and boring saturday

I did absolutely nothing today. The only thing worth-while was going to church with my brother.
Now I'm eating dinner and typing with one hand, which is real frustrating, in my kitchen on the laptop. So I'm gonna take a break and eat, haha..
[30 minute break]
oh man, I'm gonna get fat. haha.. jk. I didn't go to the gym after church today-- just too lazy. And I'm still eating after that break I just took.

Anyways, yesterday after school I saw Edgar in the lobby and he hugged me. fweeee.. :) [Iffat and Rahela saw and they were like "whoo! GO LISE!" jeeez.. wtf, jk xD] Then I went to Baskin Robbins with him, Lauren and Alex G. The guy working there was freakin' slow, but whatever. We got ice-cream. :D We're psychos.. it made my hands freeze when we got outside.
Then we got to the bus shelter.. met with Vivian. And since we had to go to Zerlina's house to pick up her video camera (to film for the project), we took the 74. Then we walked up from the stop we got off and--

oh. man. my mom and brother are fighting. -_- Not good. My brother just got the worst attitude at all.

But anyways.. not gonna get into that.

So Edgar left us [thank you for showing us the wayyy!!], then we walked up to Zerc's house in the cold rain.. and picked up the camera. We got to see her 5-month-old dog, Trevor. He's so playful-- kept biting my toes and trying to rip off my socks or something, haha. But most importantly I got to see Zerlina. ^^
Then we left.. walked to the 53 bus stop in the rain, while freezing.. and keeping ourselves entertained for like 15 minutes. Then we see the bus nearing us, so we walk closer to it. And, of course a stupid jeep comes speeding around the bus and splashes us. That was hilarious though.. heh heh. ^^;

Then it starting pouring when we got off the bus. By the time we got to Lauren's house, we looked like we got thrown in a pool. No joke. xD

So I changed into Lauren's sweatshirt and pj pants. Thanks man. Meanwhile, Lauren, Alex and Vivian worked on their skit, while I helped out a bit by making the wings on one of the sock puppets. Then I was falling alseep pretty much.. Finally we got to recording the skit.. I did that. It was cute though.. the puppets were cool, haha.

Alex and Vivian left afterwards.. then we ate dinner.. and I had to put my soaking cold sweatshirt back on.. *cries* ..since we were leaving to go back to Zerc's house. We stayed there for about an hour.. trying to figure out what Lauren was gonna use for presenting the skit. I went on the computer for a while though.. yeahh.. It felt so good being at Zerlina's house.. I haven't been there in a whiiiiiile. :]

Got home at 10:40ish.. ate more because I was hungry again. I was so tired I just went on the laptop and talked online until like 1am. Then I went to sleep on my living room couch. I wasn't gonna take a shower that late-- probably wake up everyone, and that's why I slept on the couch. I have this peeve with sleeping in my bed when I don't take a shower. Plus, the thought of sleeping in my bed after getting splashed by a jeep and all.. no. haha. But the couch was really comfortable.. and Lauren, I slept in your pj pants. hehehh.

If you're still reading this, then wow. You get a cookie.
As for today.. I got up at 10:30am, took a shower, ate breakfast, watched tv, played the piano, talked to my mom, called Edgar, watched Chocolat on tv, ate lunch, took a two hour nap, then went to church. Such a waste of a day.. I was supposed to work on my poster for english. I dunno what the hell I'm gonna do with that.. oh wells..

Sorry guys. Such a long-ass boring entry. hahh..

Dec. 6th, 2004

what the heckness

hey guys. WHY THE HELLLL AM I SO SHY IN PERSON!? I mean.. I'm not shy with most people I know.. but with certain people-- I mean, a certain someone.. *cough* I'm like, hella shy. lmao.. hella.. oh mannnn..

something is definately wrong with me. :[

but anyhow.. I really gotta get over that. and quick. saaaaa..

Well.. 'twas a regular day of school-- fell asleep in english [and raechel pointed that out to karen during class and they were laughing at me, hahha], found out I still have an ungly 87 average in math, then got my history essay back [B- oh well], and in chem we watched this lame ass video on atoms.

Then after school we had an SO meeting.. discussed the calendar up to march pretty much.. then Edgar and Ravana walked me over to the library since I didn't know where it was, hahhaa.. I kinda knew.. but kinda didn't know. xD but yayy.. haha.

Only Nicole and Eddie showed up to our little group meeting slash gathering. We don't know where the hell August was. And Kristen had basketball practice. Anyways.. we actually got some stuff done. Finally. Meesh was there with her group too.. and I gave her a ride home. We were hyper, hurhur.

Now I'm about to start my math homework.. blah.. then I'll eat dinner. I took an early shower and I'm already in my pjs. :] pjs rock!!! WHOOOO!

oh, and you better be reading this andrew. mwahahha!

Dec. 4th, 2004

finally, the WEEKEND~!

Oh man, I'm so tired.. I finally got some sleep last night though! about 10 hours.. Unlike all the other days of this stupid week.. I went to sleep at 2:20am on thursday night.. too much homework I tell yah. But I'm so glad that's over.

The foreign exchange students from Italy left last night. I felt so bad about not giving Martina [Lauren's hostee] anything.. like a card at least. Michelle and I planned on doing that and of course I forgot. Stupid stupid me.

And then I also felt bad for being pissed off when I last saw her.. It was when I picked her and Lauren up for school, and we were late because I was finishing up my chem project board-- yes, the morning it was due. [figures..] So then I realized I was so caught up with the project board that I forgot to pack ALL my homeworks and the report, which I left on my desk. So I was basically really screwed and pissed off.

I asked my dad if we could go back home and pick it up.. but we were late already and Martina said she had to be in school by 8:10-- and it was 8:05 at the moment. SOO.. my dad thought it was best to just go straight to school. And my dad kept saying, "your teachers will believe you if you tell them you forgot it, right?" But I was just so pissed off I couldn't even answer.. yeah, so then we get to school and I just kinda blew off Martina and all.

Now I feel bad for that..

Because my dad came anyways, during 5th period and dropped off all my work in a folder. I swear, that really made my day. 'Twas the highlight of the day! I was smiling in math class after that, hahha.

And something else made my day. *cough* ..but I won't say what. hahh *big grin* :D

Well, today all I did was clean my room, and help out my mom with the cooking then decorate for Christmas. We actually started early this year!! lmao..
Then, like always, we went to church at 5, then my bro and I went to the gym at 6:30.. and afterwards we stopped at Baskin Robbins and we got smoothies. yup!! Tomorrow's Sunday already.. awww..

Nov. 29th, 2004

wheee :D

random thought of the day..
I need to stop laughing out loud like hell when I'm reading other people's xangas and when I'm online-- especially when my brother is in the next room. He's always like "lise, who the hell are you talking to?!" Must think I'm psycho, haha.
maybe I am. ;P

I can't believe I got a 98 on the chem test. Jeez.. last year I sucked on my tests. I'm really surprising myself this year. yayyy..

the article I'm writing with iffat is actually fun. haha.. because I guess you can say it's easy for me to write about keeping healthy and stress free [during the holidays]. yup.

hey, who else is real lazy like me and doesn't wanna get up even when you really have to go pee? hahaha.. I don't think that was proper grammar. oh well.

Nov. 28th, 2004

happy late thanksgiving! hah

so how was everyone's weekend?

mine was okay.. went pretty fast. no, correction: it went SUPER fast. yes, haha.

I hate that though. Don't you plan out a million things and only get less than half of them done? That's me right there..

Well, thanksgiving was nice.. I went out to my grandparents house and we had this big dinner. That was it, haha.

Then friday I went to the city with lauren, renne, lizzy, meaghan and a couple of other girls all with their italian exchange students. There was 15 of us.. heh. We walked along canal street and shopped there for a while in the little cruddy stores, then we went up to times square and ate at applebees. That was fun. :] Guess how much the bill was? cough. $295, hahhaa. Took us about 20 minutes to count all the money. Then we walked over to rockafeller plaza, saw the tree, then took the subway and ferry home. It was okay..

Saturday I didn't do much.. I hung out with Michelle for the afternoon though. We ran in the park and I hugged a tree, lmao. We saw some kids playing basketball that we recognized.. and then all of a sudden meesh jetted. jeeez!! lmao.. I had to catch up to her she was so fast.

But anyways.. um. Meesh's mom made super good noodles!! And cake out of blackberry ice-cream and pancake mix. That was so awesome.. haha..

Yeah. So now I'm working on a damn history essay. And I've got that chem project due friday.. and then there's articles I have to get done for newspaper.. wahhhh.. plus all the homeworks and other things I have to remember. gosh, help me, haha.

Nov. 21st, 2004

delicious orchards :]

wahhh.. my hands are cold.

I woke up early this morning to go Thanksgiving food shopping with my parents. I wanted to sleeeeep.. But I wasn't going to miss out on this, haha. We do it once a year at this place in New Jersey called Delicious Orchards. :D

Anyways.. we got home about a half hour ago.. and I fell asleep in the car, so now I'm really cold since I wasn't moving around. xD yeah..

Oh snap guys!! Yesterday I went to SING at SITech.. but the thing was, I couldn't get in. I came late-- stupid me, I shoulda known not to do that.. because I went to church at 5-6pm, then the gym from 6:15 to 7:15.. and it was cutting it real close because SING started at 7:30.

Aghh.. so anyways, I get there and it's all deserted-like, and me and my dad try a couple of entrances, but everything's locked, so we bang on the doors, but no one comes. I called about Allie 4 times, haha.. but I kept getting her voice message.. oh, Allie I got your text message though! xD 8th row from the front, left side.. oi. It's too bad. Then my brother had to drive me all the way home.. I felt bad for dragging my brother and dad out. oh well, they said they didn't care.
But thanks for inviting me Joyce!! ;_; lmao.. I swear I'll come next year.. and next year you'll try out, right? hahaa. ;]

I hope Lauren is having a great time with the other kids and their Italian foreign exchange students. Must be real fun. ^^

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